Urban Dynamics Africa continues to play a major role in the Planning, Formalisation, Upgrading, and Establishment of Towns in Namibia. We have successfully completed a number of
these projects and during the last 24 months alone we had finalized the land delivery process of more than 44 new Township Extensions with each having approximately 280 erven.
Through these projects, we have added more than 12,000 new properties in the real estate market. A number of showcase projects have been done and during implementation, we have empowered many individuals and local communities. We frequently find ourselves working in areas where the participation of local benefitting communities is essential.
Informing and discussing is one aspect of this community engagement, but Urban Dynamics has always done its best to involve members of the community in all fieldwork.  This usually involves training and coaching and in this way, valuable skills are left in the recipient community. It is standard practice for Urban Dynamics, especially where low-income communities and informal settlement upgrading is involved, to offer management and monitoring services to the Council for the work of the land surveyor and for the opening of the township register in the Deeds Office. In this way, once a Council has appointed the land surveyor and conveyancers, Urban Dynamics will monitor their work to ensure that General Plans and township registers are approved as soon as possible. T0his expedites the land delivery process without unnecessary delays

DUKHAN – 2006 SAUDI-ARABIA US$ 100 000 – download project overview
SWAKOPMUND – 2008 NAMIBIA N$ 1 000 000 – download project overview